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Which animals can infect people with leptospirosis?

Virtually all wild and domestic mammals can harbour the bacteria that cause leptospirosis in their kidneys and genital tracts and act as source of infection to humans and other animals.

  • Rodents were the first recognized carriers of leptospirosis and are considered the primary source of infection to human beings.
  • Cattle, buffaloes, horses, sheep, goat, pigs and dogs are also considered common reservoirs of the bacteria that causes leptospirosis.

(source World Health Organization)


Did you know that....?

... 16% farm working dogs are shedding Leptospira.

... there is no registered vaccine in NZ for dogs that protects against Leptospira contracted from livestock? Veterinarians therefore recommend to use livestock vaccines with owner's consent for dogs to protect the dogs and their owners against leptospirosis.