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Lepto Webinar 2017

Free webinar on the recent leptospirosis study

The Farmer Leptospirosis Action Group (FLAG - Dairy) will be hosting a free webinar to inform veterinarians on the findings of the recent leptospirosis study. The study explored the effect of long-term vaccination in a nationally representative sample of herds.


Date : 24 May 2017         (Click here fore details)



Lepto Forum 2017

LEPTOSPIROSIS: An Occupational Disease.

Massey University Leptospirosis Research Group Forum 2017 : discuss recent research into leptospirosis and its control in the occupational exposed workers

The Group presents recent studies that investigated leptospirosis in pastoral livestock and humans including people who have been exposed to Leptospira at the workplace i.e. meat workers, farmers and veterinarians. We would like to discuss the findings with your sector to help facilitate the development of measures for preventing leptospirosis in such occupations.


Date : 6 March 2017         (Click here fore details)



Marie Moinet

IDReC Marie Moinet  : Leptospirosis: should we shift the focus to wildlife?

There has been a recent increase in human notifications and change in the serovars, of leptospirosis cases, reported in Northland. From Jan 1 to 30 July 2016 there were 13 notified cases of leptospirosis (10 confirmed and 3 suspect) compared with the average over the last 9 years (2007 to 2015) of 4 per year. Of the 10 confirmed cases, 8 were wildlife associated serovars.

Although wildlife (especially rodents) have been pinpointed as a probable source of infection, its role remains poorly defined and has not been thoroughly investigated in New Zealand for more than 30 years.

A pilot study carried out in 2014/2015 on a small sample of brush-tailed possums, feral cats, mustelids, rodents and hedgehogs confirmed that exposure, colonisation and shedding were present. The rising importance of serovar Ballum in humans, a serovar associated with rodents and hedgehogs, and issues around cattle vaccine efficacy raised further critical questions about the role of wildlife.

Date : 2 August 2016         (Click here fore details)


Anou Dreyfus

Dr Anou Dreyfus  : PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases Research Article on Leptospira Seroprevalence and Risk Factors in Health Centre Patients in Hoima District, Western Uganda

Dr Anou Dreyfus a Senior lecturer and researcher at University of Zurich, Section of Epidemiology (Previously with EpiCentre , Massey University). Published a paper on Leptospira Seroprevalence and Risk Factors in Health Centre Patients in Hoima District, Western Uganda. 

The burden of human leptospirosis in Uganda is unknown. We estimated the seroprevalence of Leptospira antibodies, probable acute/recent leptospirosis, and risk factors for seropositivity in humans in rural Western Uganda. 

Details can be found here : doi: 10.1371/journal.pntd.0004858

Date : 28 July 2016




Fang Fang
IDReC Fang Fang was awarded "Best Full JVDI Manuscript Award"

Fang completed her PhD 2014. Her paper "Interlaboratory and between-specimen comparisons of diagnostic tests for leptospirosis in sheep and cattle" was awarded the best Full Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation Manuscript award for 2015 by the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians.

Date : 1 June 2016     



ILS 2017

2017 International Leptospirosis Conference (ILC) in Palmerston North

Massey University mEpiLab and EpiCentre are successful in their bid to hold the 2017 International Leptospirosis Conference (ILC).

The 10th International Leptospirosis Society Meeting will be held in Palmerston North, Manawatu New Zealand.  It will start on Monday 27th November and will run until Friday 1st December 2017.

Date : 28 May 2016          (Click here fore details)


FLAG - Dairy Survey 

By the end of February 2016, 96 veterinary practices throughout New Zealand had collected samples from 168/200 dairy farms. DNA was extracted for qPCR from the urine of 3,360 cows and blood sera plated for over 15,000 MAT tests. The project is on target for generating results until end of 2016.

VetScript 50_2016 Lepto.pdf

Date : 1 March 2016 


Tips for dealing with stress, contaminants from flooding.

Massey University emergency management specialists from the Joint Centre for Disaster Research have offered online tips to help people deal with the psychological impact of the floods in Whanganui and other parts of the central and lower North Island.

The enclosed link provides fact sheet information for dealing with disasters ranging from: coping with stress after emergencies, helping children and adolescents and a guide for those who know of someone who has endured a traumatic experience.

Date : 24 July 2015           (Click here for more details)


NZVA urges farmers to vaccinate stock against leptospirosis at an early age.

Leptospirosis is a significant risk to New Zealand farmers and the New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA) continues to reinforce the message for farmers to vaccinate young stock against leptospirosis at an early age and to maintain protection through animal boosters. Dr Jenny Weston, President of the NZVA’s Society of Dairy Cattle Veterinarians says Leptospirosis is a highly infectious disease that can crossover from animals to humans.

Date : 5 December  2014           (Click here for more details)


Disease warning : Leptospirosis could affect dairy growth

The effect of leptospirosis on production is being researched at Massey University.

The results of deer studies show a correlation between vaccination and growth rates and weaning percentages; data from a sheep and beef cattle study is being analysed and a funding application is underway to do more research into the effects on dairy cows, says Professor Peter Wilson.

Date : 25 November 2014           (Click here for more details)



Leptospirosis video potential lifesaver for farmers.

A new video series produced and developed by Massey University researchers may save some of the 100 people each year that are affected by leptospirosis. 

The seven-part series aims to give farmers information to protect themselves, their families, workers and livestock from the bacterial disease that hospitalises more than 50 people each year

Date : 24 November 2014           (Click here for more details)



Leptospirosis Video Series on YouTube.

This video series has been produced to give you information you can use to protect yourself, your workers, your family, your pets, and your livestock from Leptospirosis  .

Date : 19 November 2014           (Click here for more details)



IDReC Researchers invited to attend international leptospirosis meeting.

Researchers Dr Jackie Benschop and Professor Peter Wilson have been invited to attend the 4th Global Leptospirosis Environmental Action Network (GLEAN) Technical Meeting in Sri Lanka later this month.

The purpose of the GLEAN annual meeting, which runs from 18-20 November, is to bring together national and international experts that have been working on surveillance, diagnosis, case management, prevention and control of leptospirosis. The meeting will focus on developing recommendations for leptospirosis prevention and control, including outbreak response.

Date : 7 November 2014         (Click here fore details)




Shedding and Seroprevalence of Pathogenic Leptospira spp. in Sheep and Cattle at a New Zealand Abattoir by Fang Fang PhD Candidate, mEpiLab / EpiCentre of Massey University. This work has been published in Zoonoses and Public Health and is available online .

Date : 1 November 2014          (Click here fore details)



Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 

Interlaboratory and between-specimen comparisons of diagnostic tests for leptospirosis in sheep and cattle .


Date : 13 October 2014           (Click here for more details)



Rural Women New Zealand hosting a Leptospirosis Soiree at Landcorp Ltd, Wellington. (23 October 2013)

Researchers from Massey University presented their results:

 Date : 25 October 2013          (Click here for more details)



International Leptospirosis Conference 08-11 Oct, 2013, Fukuoka, Japan (8-11 October 2013)

The ILS biennial meeting is the main international meeting where leptospirosis research groups meet to present their research, discuss issues and build collaborative links. The conference was attended by 252 delegates from 30 countries, with 67 oral 82 poster presentations on topics ranging through Plenary paper on the discovery of leptospires, pathogenesis, clinical aspects in humans and animals, molecular microbiology, epidemiology in humans, environmental risk factors, epidemiology of veterinary leptospirosis, diagnostics and new innovations, immunology and vaccines and leptospiral motility.

 Date : 12 October 2014          (Click here for more details)



VetScript Dec. 2013



 Date : 30 December 2013          



Lepto cohort Incidence : Risk of infection and associated influenza-like disease among abattoir workers due to two Leptospira species (download)

NZVA Leptospirosis Best Practice Guidelines 2013 (download)

Towards a “One Health” Strategy Against Leptospirosis Michel François Jancloes, Eric Bertherat, Christina Scheider, Steve Belmain, Claudia Munoz-Zanzi, Rudy Hartskeerl, Federico Costa, Jerome Denis, Jackie Benschop Planet@Risk, 2(3), Special Issue on One Health (Part I/II): 204-206, Davos: Global Risk Forum GRF Davos. (download)

Zoonoses and Public Health : F. Fang, J.M. Collins-Emerson , A. Cullum, C. Heuer, P.R. Wilson, J. Benschop. Shedding and seroprevalence of pathogenic Leptospira spp. in sheep and cattle at a New Zealand abattoir.

Leptospirosis Update 2014 in the NZ Medical Journal : Mansell,C., Benschop, J. Leptospirosis is an important multi-species zoonotic disease in New Zealand. Invited editorial. New Zealand Medical Journal, 24-January-2014, Vol 127 No 1388.

Veterinary students tested for antibody to Leptospirosis : Fang, F., Benschop, J., Wilson, P., Collins-Emerson, J., Heuer, C., & Prattley, D. Sero-prevalence and exposure to risk factors for leptospirosis among veterinary students at Massey University. Accepted for publication New Zealand Veterinary Journal October 2013. Published on-line December 2013. DOI: 10.1080/00480169.2013.862161.

Leptospirosis continues to be a risk for dairy farm workers : A cluster of three cases of leptospirosis in dairy farm workers in New Zealand Margot McLean, Quentin Ruscoe, Terence Kline, Caleb King, Annette Nesdale. New Zealand Medical Journal, 24-January-2014, Vol 127 No 1388.

Leptospirosis common in rural Waikato : A retrospective review of notified human leptospirosis cases in the Waikato region of New Zealand, 2004 to 2010. George Cowie, Anita Bell. NZMJ 27 July 2012, Vol 125 No 1358;

Rural News February 4, 2014: page 25: "Lepto cases and employer duties" by Andrew Swallow:here

24 April 2013 : Anou Dreyfus PhD Thesis :  Leptospirosis in humans and pastoral livestock in New Zealand : download here

PRESENTATIONS ABOUT LEPTOSPIROSIS IN NZ :  NZVA2013_1, NZVA20013_2, Vacination_Best_Practice_Jun2013