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LEPTOSPIROSIS: An Occupational Disease



Massey University Leptospirosis Research Group Forum 2017 : discuss recent research into leptospirosis and its control in the occupational exposed workers.

The Group presents recent studies that investigated leptospirosis in pastoral livestock and humans including people who have been exposed to Leptospira at the workplace i.e. meat workers, farmers and veterinarians. We would like to discuss the findings with your sector to help facilitate the development of measures for preventing leptospirosis in such occupations.

Date : Monday 6th March 2017

Venue : Sport & Rugby Institute, Massey University,  Palmerston North.

Speakers : Dr Allie Maskill, Dr Anou Dreyfus, Dr Emilie Vallee, Dr Jackie Benschop, Dr Julie Collins‐Emerson, Dr Keith Buswell, Professor Cord Heuer & Professor Peter Wilson.


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