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Leptospirosis Video Series

Leptospirosis Video Series on YouTube

This video series has been produced to give you information you can use to protect yourself, your workers, your family, your pets, and your livestock from Leptospirosis.


Introduction to Leptospirosis - Episode 1  (5:33)

This episode introduces you to the disease of Leptospirosis.    
It briefly covers what the disease is, which animals carry it, how you catch it, what happens if you or your animals catch it, and how you can avoid it.

Leptospirosis in people - Episode 2  (6:36)

This episode goes into more detail about the disease of Leptospirosis in people. 
You’ll hear first hand from people that have had the disease and learn about who’s most at risk and how it can affect you.

Leptospirosis in livestock and pets - Episode 3  (8:03)

This episode shows how Leptospirosis can affect the animals we rely on for food, income, and companionship.
You’ll learn about the production effects Leptospirosis can have on livestock including effects on growth and weaning rates, as well as how farm dogs may be affected.

Leptospirosis in the environment - Episode 4  (5:41)

In this episode, we look at how the environment we live in, and the wild animals we are living with, can contribute to the spread of Leptospirosis.
In particular, this episode looks at the effects of flooding, and you’ll hear how New Zealand adventure racing athlete Steve Gurney contracted the disease from wildlife 

Diagnosing Leptospirosis - Episode 5  (6:39)

This episode goes into more detail about how Leptospirosis is diagnosed in both humans and animals. 
You’ll hear from experts, farmers, and vets about the importance of diagnosing the disease early as well as learn more about the diagnostic process from our lab technicians. 

Control and prevention of Leptospirosis - Episode 6  (6:34)

This episode goes into more detail about what you can do to prevent you or your animals becoming infected with Leptospirosis, and how you can treat it if you/they do. 
You’ll learn about some easy prevention measures you can take, how Leptospirosis is treated with antibiotics, and how vaccination is an effective tool for preventing both your animals and yourself from contracting the disease.

Future perspectives on Leptospirosis - Episode 7  (5:29)

The final episode in this series looks briefly at the future of Leptospirosis including advances in vaccination programmes, how to refine diagnostic techniques, and understanding more about the disease and how it spreads.

Lepto Update - Episode 8  (12:42)

New Leptospirosis research shows hidden risks for dairy farm workers.